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Climate and drought resilience: An AgCatalyst virtual event originally recorded 25/11/2020

It’s 2050 and while the climate is warmer and there are more frequent droughts, the Australian agrifood sector is in good shape. We’ve managed to stay ahead of the curve because of the R&D CSIRO invested over 30 years ago to build resilience and a productive, profitable and sustainable sector.

Experts and partners come to you live from the field to discuss what they are doing in 2020 to prepare for the future.

See Delta Ag Senior Farm Advisor Tim Condon discussing crops for our future from 23min 30sec.

The agronomy service provided by Delta Ag and AGRIvision is one of the cornerstones of the business. The group employs 60 full time agronomists, and with their combined level of expertise have one of the strongest agronomy teams in New South Wales and Victoria.


The focus of the agronomy team is to offer all aspects of advice on any area of crop and pasture production. Their aim is to facilitate decisions and disseminate information to obtain the best possible outcome both economically and agronomically for each particular client.



On farm visits

Regular newsletters and production alerts

Phone calls, emails and personal contacts

Soil and plant tissue testing and recommendations

Paddock inspections for weeds, pests and diseases

Advice on rotations, fertilizer requirements, new crops

Frequent field days and information seminars

Replicated on-farm trials

Pasture management and production advice



Another key focus for our advisory services is to conduct regular trials and provide clients with specialty information. These trials are initiated by the agronomy team at the start of each season to ensure we can advise our clients on topical issues and developments affecting the industry. Some examples of the trial program that has been run over the last few seasons are listed below:


Variety trials of both canola and cereals to evaluate first hand the performance of newly released material. Some of these trials are located at Lockhart, Coolamon, Temora, Young and Grenfell.


To ensure we have a comprehensive understanding of the current pre emergent options for annual ryegrass control in wheat, trials were laid down in 2008, 2009 and 2010. These trials included the new label claims and mixtures of traditional products as well as the newer products such as Boxer Gold® and Sakura®.


Large scale permanent pasture variety demonstrations have been established at Lockhart, Temora, Quandialla, Young and Harden. These sites are used to demonstrate the persistence and productivity of currently available varieties that can be used in our custom blends to suit the needs of each and every client.


Over the last three seasons one of our flagship projects has been the evaluation of a range of alternative nutrition and fertiliser options for wheat and canola. This project is looking at 42 treatments from a large range of companies and is following a wheat, canola wheat crop sequence on the same plots with each companies respective treatment each year. This project has another year to run, with wheat being established on the site this season.


Last summer a trial was run to investigate the efficacy of a large range of herbicides that are available to manage fleabane. This trail is nearing completion and some clear messages are emerging from the results so far.


All trials are replicated and are sown, harvested and managed by Kaylx an independent agricultural research firm. Whilst the results from these trials are primarily used to guide the advice provided by out agronomy team and demonstrate new varieties and products, the results are also included in the variety and management notes which are distributed to consulting and agronomy clients at the start of each season.



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